SDSU Football Game

SDSU Football Game...Ames, Iowa
WELL, I see it has been a MONTH since my last post!! WOW!!
I will TRY to do much better on updating our blog...maybe I will try the ONCE a week update?!
ANYHOW, a lot has happened in a month...(quick overview) we took the boys to the Woodbury County Fair, had a family get together/pool party, many POOL parties with our SC friends, camping trip, and the start of MANY football games. This past weekend we drove to Ames, Iowa to watch my cousin, Derek play against IOWA STATE. Derek is a Linebacker for South Dakota State(Brookings, SD). Jacob&Ryan, of course, were sporting the blue&gold t-shirts; custom made!! :) They were SOOO excited to watch DEREK play football...GO JACKS! WE started off by tail-gating with family members--the boys thought it was pretty cool to have all kinds of "JACOB/RYAN" -friendly snacks in the back of their Papa&Nana's truck!! OHHH, but tail-gating is so much MORE DIFFERENT when you have your kiddos with you. haha We did our best in trying to keep things "G" rated!! We had LOTS of crazy IOWA STATE fans around us...and, I found myself saying to Greg, "Look at those kids!" Ummm, yeh, I was talking about the college peeps! AM I GETTING OLD?!!!
Once we finished eating all sorts of yummy food and slamming a few beers(remember the kiddos were with us...SO, NO! We DID NOT play "flip-cup" for those of you that were wondering!!) We trucked it all the way over to the stadium, admist, the IOWA STATE fans yelling as we passed by, "GO CYCLONES!" The boys were a little OVERWHELMED by all of the commotion! Unfortunately, SDSU lost, but we cheered our hardest and thought the "BIG D" had a pretty awesome game! (HE HAD THE FIRST TACKLE of the game!!-and, MANY more after that...) woohoo GO DEREK!! Greg was pretty INVOLVED in the ENTIRE game, as he had once played for SDSU! After the game, we waited to get pictures with Derek...the boys thought it was cool to see him!!!! --and, to be surrounded by all these BIG football players. I hope to get more pics posted on my blog...still trying to figure out this whole bloggin' thing! (BARE WITH ME)
Hope you all have a very nice Labor Day!
Take care.