Surprise! ...is right!! My mom, sisters, and I threw a "SURPRISE" 50th birthday bash for my dad. It was awesome, as he had NO IDEA!! I just can't believe us girls actually pulled this off-- because for those of you that know my dad, he figures out everything!
After the very late night of celebrating with my dads family & friends...we had a birthday party for Alexis! The boys were SO very excited for Alexis and enjoyed popsicles with their cousins. Alexis was the last of the "triplets" to turn two. (2 of my sisters, Heidi&Amy Jo, were prego at the same time I was...it went my Ryan in May, Heidi's Luke in July, and Amy's Alexis in September!) The boys ran around with their cousins, while the son-in-laws helped my dad with a boat hoist. The guys enjoyed their "man" time, while us girls talked about our kiddos & the diferent things that they are interested in. Well, it was time for us to pack-up & head for SC...needless to say it was a VERY quiet drive home-- the boys were tired from the very eventful weekend!
Once we got home, Greg & I had to quickly hurry up to get to our next function...I am on the Parish Council and part of the "welcoming" committee for my church and we were having a "Newlywed" get together. It was so much fun!! We thought it would be a great idea to get those couples that had recently gotten married/engaged together. We all met up at the ElFredo's pizza(yum!) and enjoyed pizza& beer, while meeting couples around our age! I hope this continues to be a success...we all seemed to enjoy ourselves.
OH MY GOODNESS...it was a MUCH needed FUN-filled weekend after the week we had last week!! My Jacob got hurt so bad last week that I had to call 911!! He was out front with me and our dog, and the dog accidently flipped Jacob up in the air on back down on his bottom! (Deuce, our dog, was on his leash and caught site of a cat across the road, he tore off for it but got stopped by the leash(which Jacob was standing in FRONT of), well he broke the leash from his force, which hit Jacob in the back of the legs & flipped him...well, from that trauma, Jacob's body responded by going into a "seizure" like position! UNCONSCIOUS I ran inside with him in my arms, Jacob NOT responding to me and dialed 911! Once they got to our house(about 3 1/2 minutes later) he was starting to wake-up...I was home by myself!! Long story, short: he ended up to be fine, we had a follow-up with his doctor the next day. He diagnosed him with syncope-- he says anytime something happens TRAUMATIC his body is going to freeze up. Can U believe that?! SO, Dr. Amir refreshed me locating JT's pulse, "look, listen, feel" his breaths. TOO SCARY! AND, we ended the week by taking Ryan to the ER late Thursday night because of a 104.2 temp!! --ended up being an ear infection!! SO! Well, I am glad we all had a nice weekend, as it was much NEEDED!!


Here's the SCOOP from the last 2 weeks!

OKAY...so, I'm 2 weeks overdue on the BLOG! -I'm improving though-- as it is not a MONTH later that I published a post. AnYhOw here's the sCoOp:
Two Saturdays ago, I wake-up to a little finger tapping on my shoulder...as I open my eyes, there stands ToyStory's, WOODY COWBOY(aka Jacob), in FULL costume! He says, "SO, mom! What do you think?" How stinkin' cute is that?!! We've got some time before Halloween...Jacob is just "practicing" his character!! haha Well, we ended up putting that costume up in the closet and will save it until Halloween night...for now, he chooses to put his "Dash" costume on and WEARS it EVERYDAY. We were out running errands last week, and I had "Dash" aka Jacob helping me get my things done-- IN FULL COSTUME! -I'm talking from head to toe! CuTe, CuTe!! Ryan chooses to have his tennis shoes on and a baseball hat!

TODAY(Sunday) we had our Parish Picnic. Our family enjoyed conversing with other parishioners, but the HIGHLIGHT was riding on the ponies!! Jacob saddled-up with no problem(actually we were surprised!) and Ryan got on, but wanted RIGHT BACK OFF as soon as the pony moved! (usually it is quite the opposite, Jacob doesn't care to do things like that, but Ryan LOVES it!)
It is way past my bedtime and I know there is MORE I wanted to share, but can't think of it right now. -I might just have to add it to next weeks.
Take care!



I can't believe I haven't shared the news...YES! My Ryan is potty-trained! He has been working on this for quite some time(since he was about 1 1/2 yrs old), but just wasn't fully ready...until NOW!
We went camping a few weeks ago and thats when he took-off with the NO DIAPERS! --it was great because he could go potty whenever he wanted...there were TREES EVERYWHERE!
SO! Welcome to the world big boy underoos!! It is just too cute to see him in his little, "Batman, Superman, Thomas the Train, etc." underoos. His big brother is also very proud, as he tells EVERYONE!! "You know my brother Ryan, he's potty-trained!"