Ummm...life is crazy! --but, absolutely WONDERFUL!

Has it REALLY been since APRIL that I last published a post?!! yikes
WELL, things have changed a bit to say the least...I'm back to teaching FULL-TIME, my boys are OLD enough to already be going to school (hard to believe!), and Greg continues to keep himself busy at the bank!! THAT IS OUR LIFE IN A NUTSHELL. ;)
Okay, you probably want details:
I got offered a Kindergarten position back in July, about 3 weeks before school was to start!! It is absolutely amazing how things work out...so, the boys&I put in a lot of time preparing my classroom for 20 kindergarteners! The transition was pretty smooth- going from stay-at-home mom(for 5 years!) to professional. The boys go with me to school, Jacob is in Pre-K and Ryan is in Preschool. We are VERY, VERY fortunate to have such a wonderful full-day preschool program for the boys! -and, the best part, they are just a hallway away from me!! It is WONDERFUL! I get to enjoy boppin in&out of their classrooms, having lunch, etc. with them. THE ARE RIGHT THERE with me!
Hard to believe Christmas is 15 days away! Our lives will continue to be busy, crazy, and fun!

Take care.



Yeh, it's FRIDAY!! It has been a wild&crazy week...and, am GLAD it is FINALLY Friday!
Yesterday the boys & I spent the ENTIRE day outside! It was awesome!! I washed my truck, and the boys thought they needed to wash their bikes, lawn mowers, etc.! -it was pretty cute. I had a little night out and attended a jewelry party. That was fun, of course, I just couldn't decide on what to buy...sooo many cute things!
Today we've got a busy day...JT has pre-school this afternoon and Ryan gets to go play with his buddies Anna & Ethan! I just can't believe how big my boys are getting!!!
Well, I s'pose I better finish my cleaning and then its off to take JT to school!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Here is a picture of JT getting ready to go to school...Ryan had to be part of the action,too!


6 months later....

Okay...I am HORRIBLE at updating this! I get involved in all these fun little blogs, fb, email, etc. and don't maintain like I should! Sooo, it has been 6 months since my last blog. A lot has happened since October...where do I begin?! Alright, I'm just going to start with today-- Lord knows how long this blog would be if I started way back from October!!
The boys(Greg included) and I are doing great. Really enjoying this warm weather!! The boys just love to run and play outside. Yesterday we did yard work and the boys & I dug for worms! It is so funny because JT is so into digging and holding the worms, making a house for them, etc. AND, my Mr. Ryan DOES NOT like to touch the worms! cRaZy because I would expect the complete opposite of my boys??? hum
Anyhow, it is warming up outside and my boys are begging to go play! So, until next time... hehe!



Happy Halloween! Here are a few pics from our Halloween fun...

Jewel concert....unBElieveable!!

That's right! We went to the JEWEL concert at the Orpheum in Sioux City. We started the night by going to dinner with our friends, Jeremy&Kris, and then off
to the concert. I went into the concert knowing who Jewel was, could hum a verse or 2 of a couple of her songs--BUT! -once the concert was over, I left a HUGE fan of hers, wanting to buy a Jewel t-shirt, Cds,etc!! She was unBElieveable!! Greg, too really enjoyed it! It was just Jewel, mic, and guitar! I had goosebumps the ENTIRE concert!! We would definitely see her again.

REALLY I blog! haha

WELL, it is MUCH overdue!! It has been about a MONTH now since my last update!! --umm, so much for my "update weekly". WOWSERS!! AnYhOw, I do believe that it is better LATE than NEVER, RIGHT?!! Ok, so here are a couple pics from our annual Halloween Costume party...my hubby was, Michael Phelps and I was a ref! We had just under 40 of our friends join us for the fun!! The night started with a keg, great food and FLIP-CUP...the fun lasted until 3 am. SLLLLLOOOOW moving the next day! --a little tired!
We look forward to next year...