REALLY I blog! haha

WELL, it is MUCH overdue!! It has been about a MONTH now since my last update!! --umm, so much for my "update weekly". WOWSERS!! AnYhOw, I do believe that it is better LATE than NEVER, RIGHT?!! Ok, so here are a couple pics from our annual Halloween Costume party...my hubby was, Michael Phelps and I was a ref! We had just under 40 of our friends join us for the fun!! The night started with a keg, great food and FLIP-CUP...the fun lasted until 3 am. SLLLLLOOOOW moving the next day! --a little tired!
We look forward to next year...

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Sara said...

This is maybe just a cousin talking but I'm sure glad Greg didn't just go with speedos! Love the kid's costumes- very cute!