6 months later....

Okay...I am HORRIBLE at updating this! I get involved in all these fun little blogs, fb, email, etc. and don't maintain like I should! Sooo, it has been 6 months since my last blog. A lot has happened since October...where do I begin?! Alright, I'm just going to start with today-- Lord knows how long this blog would be if I started way back from October!!
The boys(Greg included) and I are doing great. Really enjoying this warm weather!! The boys just love to run and play outside. Yesterday we did yard work and the boys & I dug for worms! It is so funny because JT is so into digging and holding the worms, making a house for them, etc. AND, my Mr. Ryan DOES NOT like to touch the worms! cRaZy because I would expect the complete opposite of my boys??? hum
Anyhow, it is warming up outside and my boys are begging to go play! So, until next time... hehe!

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